The Casino landscape in Las Vegas is unrivaled. Competition for gamblers runs high and that means investment in customer amenities and restaurant experiences does as well. In order to stand out, it was imperative this Vegas restaurant’s interior, signage and menu strategy merged to create an unforgettable experience.

Shibuya at MGM Grand-Las Vegas

We went through a thorough naming exercise that yielded the name Shibuya, a fashion district in Tokyo. The restaurant strived for authenticity in every way including having a saké sommelier. We developed a menu that included each sake's rice polish and location where the rice came from. 

Lab Solve:

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it all started with my camera.

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Brand Slant: Capturing the authenticity of a culture

Brand Slant: Capturing the authenticity of a culture.

Brandmark seating design

Slant: Elevating the fan to a seat at the owner’s table nets a win-win.


CNot final copy hallenge: In a city known to be loyal to strong ownership of major league sports teams, convey the essence of a re-invented team to current and prospective fans. Formerly known as the Kansas City Wizards, less intelligently as “The Wiz”, new ownership came in to rescue a struggling franchise. Out of this rebrand came a new stadium and a new team name, Sporting Kansas City. We came into this assignment because the previous agency wasn’t quite getting what the new ownership wanted to be with their new icon. The brandmark is critical to a franchise’s success given that it has to be something that everyone from ownership to the most casual fan can identify with and get behind. We landed on a shield shape that at the time was unlike any other in the league. Inside the shield is a representation of the two states Kansas and Missouri whose borders meet to form Kansas City. The elongated and intertwined SC is a nod not to fonts often seen on European Club crests. The alternating stripes represent the unification of 11 players on the pitch. Last we designed a proprietary font that is used throughout the stadium as well as for broadcast and web content communications.

Lab Distillation: Innovative ownership begins with our fans

Lab Solve: Giving the Sporting brand a look and feel of not trying too hard and just being a refuge where you don’t have to always be “on your game” was the driving force behind guest touchpoints.

Sporting Kansas City

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sake menu/binder with map of Japan & sake origins